I hate programming- really?

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I have heard this sentence repeatedly, mostly from students in India who are undertaking their undergraduate studies in Computer Science. I don't blame them, but the real question is do you really hate programming or is it the fear of something new that puts you off or makes you hate it?

You cannot hate something unless you try, have you sincerely tried programming? I am asking you again, have you really tried? No baby starts walking on the first attempt, nobody rides a motorcycle on his/her first attempt – anything worth doing will require multiple attempts to get right. So, now I am asking you again, have u really given it a shot to learn?

If you have really tried hard and hated it then this post is not for you. This post is aimed at students who think they hate programming but, they don’t.

I agree most of you are forced into computers, like me, even though u want to pursue your career in something else. That's how it works in India right? I don't want to delve deeper into this topic as there is a huge debate already happening in the Indian community.

Hating something does not help you learn it. If you keep saying “I hate it” multiple times in your mind, your subconscious agrees and stores this information. After some time even if you try hard to learn, your brain says I hate programming as it is trained to think that. So, is programming worth hating?

I agree it can be a bit tricky when getting started, but eventually, you'll start loving it. So, stop forcing yourself to hate it but instead start learning!

Programming is nothing but writing instructions for a computer - imagine you are raising a child, you need to teach every little thing to him/her. They don’t learn immediately but eventually, when they start doing what you taught them, you will find satisfaction and happiness. Wouldn’t you?

Programming is similar, you need to learn little by little and eventually you will find pleasure in programming. You don't need to be a scientist to start programming like I said you just need to write instructions in the language a computer understands.

Can you find the next number in the sequence below?

1 4 9 16 _ 36

Have you guessed the number 25? Yes, the answer is 25. If you guessed it right, you are good at logical thinking and you have the mind of a programmer. Even if you did not guess it correctly, that's alright. Let's try this, can you train your dog to catch a ball? Can you teach your parrot to say hello? Do u know how to instruct your remote-control car to avoid hitting walls? I presume many of you can, and programming is as same. If you can do any of the above, you have the potential to be a programmer.

There is nothing impossible in this world. If someone else can do it, then why not you? Everyone is blessed with the same brain. All that matters is how you are training your brain. Did you know that blind person who read braille have greater sensitivity in their fingertips? It's just because they have trained and use their fingertips to read more often than one with eyes. Their brain notices this and provides more sensitivity to their fingertips. Do you know, the brain which started reading the first sentence of this article is different to the one which is reading now? Yes, it is, it constantly grows in the direction of the things you do. It learns and grows from every situation experienced.

So, nothing is impossible, all we need to do is 3 things

  • Train your brain in a positive direction.
  • Train your brain in a positive direction.
  • Train your brain in a positive direction.

I did not make a typo, yes all three points are one and the same.

There are tonnes of material online to learn to program, start learning and stop hating. Trust me, once you start learning you will find pleasure and happiness in programming and never want to go back.

PS: If you need any help in finding good resources (or where to start) drop me an email or comment here, I will come back as soon as I can.